Payroll outsourcing

ABC Interim Solutions offers a comprehensive payroll outsourcing service in order to enable you save time and money, reducing the need for in-house trained payroll staff, purchasing and maintaining appropriate software packages.  Being highly efficient we help our clients avoid fines and penalties and make use of the latest technology to satisfy their complete payroll needs. We offer both fully managed and tailored services which look after all aspects of your payroll leaving you free to concentrate on your business. As part of this service, we ensure the timely payment of your employees and manage the calculation and filing of your tax and social contributions. This service specifically includes:

  • Payroll management (calculation, pay slips, payment, transfers, etc.)
  • Income tax Calculation and Payroll
  • Provide customizable tax tables, calculations and forms
  • NSIF declaration and payroll management
  • Monitoring of employee registrations at the NSIF
  • Track vacation, sick & holiday pay in addition to regular bonus and commissions.
  • Maintain Payroll history for each employee.